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PTSD Removal

Q & A about PTSD removal process:

What will I have to do in a PTSD regression session?

Just lie back and completely relax. Detlef will comfortably bring you into a deeply relaxed state and lead you to visualize a series of beautiful images, such as grand staircases and gardens or your favourite place. In theory, this should enable you to access the “storage” of your subconscious, where mind decoded memories are embedded. When you are in the right frequency or brain wave, you will be able to access such information on cellular, DNA and higher self level. Detlef will then be able to eventually remove mind decoded energies, such as negative emotions.

Will I remember everything when I “wake” up?

Absolutely. While you are under hypnosis (or in the state of trance) Detlef will guide you through your stored memories on cellular level. It can be described as watching a movie on a screen, without having emotional pain.
You will be completely aware of the environment or place you are in. In a light state of trance the awareness is actually even higher. Consequently, you will be able to recall all experiences of this process.

Do I have to believe in it for it to work?

No, skeptics can successfully experience that process too. However, it takes the willingness of the client in order to completely extract, energetically, decoded information from the human system.
Hypnosis is one of the oldest and most successful tools in helping people to reach their personal goals.

Must I relive unpleasant experiences?

Not at all! Within your session we remove decoded information from your body, which simply doesn’t have to be carried anymore. Your life experiences remain as memories, but you simply don’t have to deal with the subconsciously stored emotions. However, only a good and skilled facilitator can instantly pull you away from anything traumatic. We never understood Sigmund Freud, but we know how the human mind works! It can be described as watching an unpleasant movie clip without getting emotionally involved. We take great pride in the fact that all of our sessions are facilitated completely emotional pain free.

What can I expect as an outcome?

The human body responds to this PTSD energy removal within 72 hours (i.e. “Herxheimer Reaction”).

a) The easiest way to describe the process is a computer system: When the hard drive got cleared or cleaned, a “defrag” function is activated within the body in order to adjust the system to new settings (or new software) For instance, stress levels go down, flash backs will stop, aches and pains can fade away and the 24/7 fight or flight response can completely subside.

b) Fears, phobias, anxieties can complete vanish throughout this process.

c) Emotions can appear in form of extreme highs and lows such as anger and sadness. In most cases, such emotions last maximum 10 minutes (one time within 72 hours), and are actually very beneficial for the healing process.

d) Within that 72 hour period of time, chronic pain can vanish and appear again, which is part of that process and a normal body response mechanism.

e) The emotions of happiness and lightness will take precedence over heavy emotions (energies) from the past, which have been removed from the system

f) Within that session, goals or achievements might have be introduced into the system (such as non-smoking, weight loss, etc.)  which will already be received/ acknowledged as activated and measurable.

Can I expect to get my “HOPE” back?

Yes, however this process cannot change the past of an individual but instead removes all piled up and stored subconscious memories of negative emotions. Rigid and negative or limiting belief structures and systems can be changed and corrected easily within the state of trance, after the main energetic removal process is done.

Can I expect that my negative thoughts can change into positive thought patterns?

Absolutely. “Thought” is a form of energy within a specific frequency level, and exactly that can be changed during the removal process.

Will my personality change?

If you want it to change, yes it is all possible and quite quickly. It will be facilitated on agreed grounds. If you want to be a non smoker it is completely your decision and will be aided this way. If you want to change a state of victimization into a "winning" state of mind - again it is your decision.

Do I have to share my life experiences with the facilitator?

No! This PTSD removal process is beyond any known psychology or counselling processes. It can be described as an energy surgery process where decoded information gets physically removed from a human body, like spam mail or a “virus or trojan horse” from a computer system.

How long will the effects last?

Like on a computer system a removed spam email,virus or trojan horse has to be brought or received anew. We are able to remove “old” energies but we have no mandate to change the present environment of the individual participant.

How many people had benefits from this specific PTSD removal process?

Thousands of people have benefited from this process.
However an Art of Hypnosis certified Facilitator, Counsellor or Practitioner must not attempt to treat medical disorders, unless they are trained and FDA approved medical professionals. Any client with a medical problem must be urged to seek proper professional medical treatment.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

The state of hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation, similar to that of meditation, in which the participants become more aware of their inner world than in a normal conscious state.

Does the participant fall asleep during hypnosis?

No. Brainwave patterns show that trance states are different to sleep. Even though there may be similarities between sleep and deep trance states the hypnotist and the participant are able to maintain a channel of communication which would be lost if the participant fell asleep. It is useful to think of hypnosis as an altered state of consciousness in which the conscious conditioned mind is bypassed and one is able to communicate more directly with the unconscious mind and body, less encumbered by the critical faculties of the conditioned mind.