Oceanside Art of Hypnosis and Energy Healing Education Centre

Performance Enhancement

The following services are provided

Detlef spent many years practicing martial arts, from which he brings his experiences and learning to help with many different aspects of performance enhancement.

  • Muscle memory programming in trance states
  • Extreme usage of the physical body - Mind over Matter
  • Hand-eye coordination development for sport professionals
  • Subconscious task training
  • Pain management and control under high body performance levels

In addition to performance enhancement, Detlef also helps those in the creative arts.

Detlef spent 17 years performing with the same band in his younger years. His experience there can help those suffering from things like stage fright and writers' block as well as other issues.

  • Stage fright removal
  • Public speaking
  • Writers' and actors block removal
  • Helping to bring you into the state of mind that Olympic Gold medal winners have