Oceanside Art of Hypnosis and Energy Healing Education Centre

Lectures, Workshops & Training

When present travel restrictions are lifted, Detlef will travel across Canada,the United States and Europe upon request to share his amazing abilities, teach those who wish to learn and give lectures on the Art and Science of Hypnosis, Forensic Hypnosis and Energy Healing.

Late Diana B. Cherry one of the Founders of the Canadian Hypnosis Association has selected Detlef to have the honour of certifying applicants and students within the field of the Ancient Art of Hypnosis, Forensic Hypnosis and Energy Channeling and Healing. 

This CHA certificate enables to register a business license with CRA.

Please contact Detlef, one of his offices or clinics to inquire about your opportunities to learn and experience Detlef's expertise in the Ancient Art and Science of Hypnosis and Energy Healing.


Art of Hypnosis CHA Class Curriculum: 10 modules for the 10 to 12 day class

Art of Hypnosis CHA Curriculum: 2 Day workshop

CHA Forensic Hypnosis certification class (please contact me directly for details, since this  special tailored class content/ protocol will not be displayed in public!) 

Testimony of student M.R. (certification class 2016)
I met Detlef while I was working as an Registered Massage Therapist in an integrative centre in Vancouver BC. I saw the amazing results he was achieving with our collaberated clients and immediately knew I was interested in his knowledge.
I took his course and was blown away!
It was the information I feel I was always searching for, and will forever change the way I view our minds and human capabilities.
The course never had a dull moment, full of valuable science and healing information.
Detlef is a talented therapist and teacher who will support you in every way needed.
I can honestly say this course was the best investment i've made for mine and others healing and continues to change mine and my clients lives.
Thank you Professor D!

By: Eike Jordan of Naturally Healthy Clinic
"Detlef is reliable and professional in his work. With highest ethics and incredible knowledge he achieves amazing results. I highly recommend Detlef!"