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Healing App Series

Self Evolution in One APP available at the App store (please use direct link on home page)
How does it work?
Raise Awareness of Previous Programming and Conditioning of the Mind
Why is it working?
This APP Engages Your Mind at a Cellular Level
This APP Opens the Gateway to Self Healing
How is it possible?
Guided Mind Over Matter Stimuli
Perception is the Internal Switchboard for Changing Biochemicals (Dr. Bruce Lipton)
Download ONCE use forever
Clear Your Mind and Heal Yourself

Welcome to the future of self care….. 5 guided meditation to access and repair your DNA.
How it works: Please check out General user manual @ www.self-healing.ca
In actively using this IT maintanance tool you are able to:
Awake and quench your Higher Self.
Break the chain of fatigue
Raise your vibration and frequency and maintain that level!
Shed personal weight of negativities all by yourself using this App series Experience Ancient Wisdom and Possibilities coming through
Be more productive:
Increase your level of motivation, while tapping into the Quantum Field
Expand beyond your own perception of self limitations
Optimize the vision of your MIND to gain full capacity
Exploit your mind’s full potential and capability
Train, categorize and identify your vibrational essence of being
Quantum Field connection (even when already in place):
Establish your own permanent connection and tap directly into the unlimited Quantum Field knowledge Shad the veil of conventional thinking rational and relink your system to the Universe
Raise your own frequencies utilizing the App serious for conscious alignment and expansion
Enjoy the personal benefits of Field connection
Enter the Field connection with the Gateway level 1 and start your personal energetic journey

Please have a look for more info at scientific support URLs  www.self-healing.ca  or   www.key13.ca