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3D Healing

Dear friends, colleagues and valued clients.
we are available for global distance consultations outside of British Cokumbia, Canada for Distance-3D-Master Healing, including energy medicine from the comfort of your own home.

You may book via email:
eike.jordan@n-h-clinic.com , detleffriede@me.com
call our clinic at
+1 ( 250 ) 755 4051
or our personal numbers for urgent cases
+1 ( 250 ) 713 2168
+1 ( 250 ) 937 0480

Example:August 2020: Update on 5G issue
Please listen into the radio interview about 5G and Health with 3-D-Healing co Founder and CHA Board of Direcrtor Eike M. Jordan


Distance Healing all over the world has been part of our practice since over a decade. We hear from our patients that distance healing is deeply effective, providing healing on every level, as well as connecting you with the information and resources to support your all around well-being.
We are using ZOOM, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Messenger and GoToMeeting software
Upon booking you will receive all relevant instructions to set up the virtual connection.

We are excited to continue supporting your Health and Happiness.
Should you experience any booking or contact issues please email or call

- 3-D-Healing is capable of aligning all three dimensions of the human body - the physical, emotional and energetic body!
- 3-D-Healing is non-invasive, utilizing a specialized and defined mix of Conscious Expansion and Neuro Plasticity applications,    
  Trance work in very specific states of THETA brain waves, energy extraction
- 3-D-Healing means simultaneous team work between various practitioner skillsets for each of the three body dimensions
  utilizing the Ancient Art and Science of Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reiki and
  other Quantum Field / Zero Point Field energy access applications
- 3-D-Healing engages Quality Control within its business structure, very specific defined practitioner certification, specific
  defined and required individual skill sets and Team Work (in person or via online technology applications) all around the
- 3-D-Healing includes modern, ancient and traditional medicine and healing methods.
- 3-D-Healing goes beyond the widespread EGO-driven world and reunites and as well bridges all known Ancient Art of
  Healing modalities and applications including latest modern science and technology such as

  HRV, NES, Darkfield Live Blood Microscopy, other latest laboratory technology, 119 point Thermography, etc
Support yourself and your patients without limitations and in confidence.

3D-Healing Academy

offers the choice to learn and understand the science and application of modern, traditional, and ancient healing modalities.

Level 1 Certification Course - 250 hours including distance education with bi-weekly life-classroom sessions and optional 40 hours in classroom or distance hands-on training.
This course provides the opportunity to build a professional business as 3D-Healing practitioner, be insured and register with your local authorities once the practical, oral, and written exams are successfully passed with a minimum of 80%. Upon successful passing of the exams you will be eligible to register with the Canadian Hypnosis Association ( CHA ) and carry the title CH ( Certified Hypnotherapist ).

This course includes:
Induction Varieties
NLP and Mind Reprogramming
3D-Team Approach
Trance Levels
Body Journey
Life Regression
Past Life Basics
Weight Loss
Smoking Cessation
Anxieties / Fears Regression
Anger Regression
Interference Frequencies
Entities ( introduction )
Trauma Regression
EMF removal
Group facilitation
Energetic Surgery Concepts
Basic Herbology
Nature's Treasure Chest
Reflection on: Acupuncture / TCM, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda / Yoga, Iridology, Darkfield Microscopy, NES, Nutrition, Systems of the Human Body and their Function
Legal Aspects
Business Aspects
Ethics and Boundaries
Facilitator Initiation
Course Fee: $ 3500.00

This 3D-Healing Base Course is offered as a 150 Hour non-certifying Course for personal conscious expansion. It is possible to upgrade for an additional fee to the certification level and to take the exams after taking this course.

Course Fee: $ 2000.00
Upgrade Fee to Level 1 Certification : $ 1750.00

3D-Healing Level 2 Certification Course
- 150 Hours including distance education with bi-weekly life-classroom sessions and optional 50 hours in classroom or distance hands-on training.
Prerequisite for Level 2 is submission of 600 client / patient cases / hours.
This course expands the tool kit to work at a much deeper level with colleagues and clients and broadens the application of hypnotherapy for healing purpose.
The 3D-Healing practitioner will be able to sit the practical, oral, and written board exams based on CHA regulations. You may challenge the exam or take the Level 2 course as it takes 80% to successfully pass the board exams. Upon successful passing of the exams you will be eligible to register with the Canadian Hypnosis Association ( CHA ) and carry the title CCH ( Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist ).

Level 2 Certification includes:

Prerequisite: All Level 1 Modalities
Medical Intuition
Field Connection
Out of Body
Remote Viewing
Time Bending
Stem Cell Activation
Past Life Advanced
Life between Lives
Addiction Resolution of any kind
Course Fee: $ 2999.00

3D-Healing Master Level Certification Course - 250 Hours including distance education with bi-weekly life-classroom sessions and optional 50 hours in classroom or distance hands-on training.
With this course the participant is eligible upon successful passing with at least 80% in oral, written and hands-on exams to use the title MCH and to teach Hypnotherapy and 3D-Healing Certification Courses.

Master Level Certification Includes:

Prerequisite CCH plus 2400 hours experience / cases
Initiation Facilitation
Esdaille States of Trance / Anaethetic Glove
Instructor Training / Classroom
ER surgery procedures
Soul Retrieval
Satanic Ritual Abuse Remediation
End of Life Counselling / End-of-Life Doula
Cancer supporting modalities
Professional Sports and Corporate Training
Couples Emotion-free Mediation
Trans Applications without age limitation
Teaching Practice and Materials
Business Aspects
Ethics and Boundaries
Legal aspects
Mastering the EGO
Basic Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
Understanding and potential applications  of alternative healing and technologies such as NES, HRV, Low Intensity Laser, Darkfield Microscopy, Thermography, Microcurrent, Kneipp,...
Course Fee: $ 7250.00

We offer payment plans - please inquire.

Here is my testimony about 3-D-Healing 

The 3-D Healing Hypnotherapy course was a life changing experience for me and I enjoyed every aspect of it.

The classes  provided a great combination of theory, presentation, demonstration and practice of the different elements for this healing approach. Detlef and Eike were amazing facilitators and shared a wealth of knowledge and experience in a very accessible and passionate way. All presented materials were well prepared and I really appreciated that all the information of the powerpoints was provided to us on a memory stick, so we can review all the details on our own.

The integration of ancient history,  stories, U-tube videos and modern science and research was excellent and offered a variety of perspectives and applications for this healing modality.  Witnessing first hand and experiencing myself how the art of hypnosis and energy channeling can relieve emotional and physical pain, and initiate major life changes was quite powerful. The 3-D approach of aligning the physical, emotional and energetic body, resonated well with me and I appreciated the inclusion of many wellness approaches.

I left filled with amazing information and personal experiences, and the knowing that this approach has endless opportunities for transforming my life and the life of others.

Thanks Eike and Detlef for offering this amazing course!!

Bettina Egert
May 2019

Christine B., Vancouver Island, April 2020:

I recently had the pleasure of a 3D healing session with Eike Jordan and Detlef Joe Friede.
I've had chronic pain, migraines and trauma plaguing me for years. I have seen so many specialists, doctors, a Shaman, Reiki Masters, RMTs, intuitive healers but nothing had helped.
I felt that I could trust Eike straight away. This wasn't just "another new age" treatment. I experienced a huge emotional release. Joe Friede is amazing! I immediately felt at ease and was able to let go of 40 years worth of abuse, trauma, shame, guilt, and negative core beliefs. I could physically feel all of it leave my body!
I totally recommend this professional and compassionate team! I plan on more 3D healing as I focus on becoming naturally healthy!!