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Here a client's (2015) testimony:

For as many years as I can remember I have experienced anxiety, depression, and fear. My life became increasingly altered by these emotions as I developed a chronic pain condition, a fear so intense of the dentist that I couldn’t even let one near me never mind do any work, and many other habits ranging from small to rather significant.

I had finally come to a place where I needed to see a dentist but I could not do it and since I live in such a remote area sedation dentistry was not available to me. I had heard of hypnotism before but never truly looked into it. So I had asked a co-worker of mine what she thought of it and she told me about Detlef and suggested I give him a call.

I went to visit Vancouver and made an appointment to see him. I was extremely excited about the prospect of being able to see a dentist and had come up with some other things I would later ask Detlef to help with as well but I never ever could have imaged these results.

I was nervous as this was a new experience for me. Detlef came out to greet me and gave me a huge smile. He was kind and made me feel really at ease. I have had trust issue’s my whole life and had my husband in tow in case I felt I needed him to be there to ‘keep me safe’ as I often have in the past. I quickly realized I didn’t need my husband. I felt safe. A feeling that is not easily come by for me.
Detlef told me about how the process worked and asked me what had brought me in that day. I had explained I needed to try to deal with the fear of the dentist and had asked if he could help with anger and anxiety and my wish to lose weight. In that conversation I had also informed Detlef I have Fibromyalgia. I never would have expected his response to that but he had asked if I was in pain and to tell him where it was on a scale of 1-10. Within a minute or so Detlef had helped to eliminate the pain. I started to laugh. For years I have felt pain in every moment and for the first time in longer then I can remember I wasn’t in pain. I was so excited.

After the session I felt light. I felt excited and all I could say to Detlef was I wanted to go play. It was a feeling that I will never forget. I was texting and calling my friends and family and telling them how amazing I felt.
I have some past people that have brought me a lot hurt and anxiety that live in the area and instead of feeling like I had to watch over my shoulder constantly, I felt I could be out in public and hold my head high.
The day after I saw Detlef my oldest son needed 2 cavities filled. I had spoken with the dentist prior to seeing Detlef and informed her that I was getting hypnotized and would like to be in the room with my son while he got them done to see how it felt. I sat there the whole time. I watched them do everything.  And get this, I WAS OK. I didn’t faint (which I have done before) I didn’t panic, and I didn’t need to be medicated or have my husband hold my hand just to walk into the office.
My husband and family saw me smile more than they have years. A comment was made to me 3 days after that normally would have had me angry because it was so loaded and from a person I have been hurt by many times and I was able to calmly explain why I didn’t appreciate the comment whereas days before I would have been yelling and extremely worked up.
I work in social services and my co-worker and I are putting on a group for women and she asked me if I could be a guinea pig for a benefit structure. This was only a couple of days after my session. I felt pretty good going over things but certain parts still triggered me, when we went over it a couple of days later with our group, I didn’t feel triggered. I could talk about these circumstances, and though I value them as a part of my story, they didn’t hurt anymore.
I went and spent a cold snowy day at the barn ( I love horses) which is something I am always cautious of especially in the cold with Fibromyalgia and I was a little sore but the pain was gone by the time I warmed up. Can you believe it? THE PAIN WAS GONE! This is not a statement I am used to saying. Since I saw Detlef 10 days ago I have not been living with chronic pain. I get sore but it’s gone quickly.
I have also lost 10 lbs since I saw him. Amazing right?!?!

This experience has been amazing. I am noticing daily the change in me. Some things I noticed right away, others I saw change over the course of a couple of days. I have told so many friends and family about it and they can see how I have changed and they are all looking at trying this too. I am forever grateful to Detlef and everything he was able to do for me. My life has literally changed. I am happy, I am not anxious and I am not fearful. I no longer feel like I am surviving. I feel like I am living.

~ S.D.